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traction machine for cervical and lumbar
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PHYSIOTREX Physiotherapy Equipments Traction Machine For Cervical and Lumbar

13,500.00 {Price_Including_GST}
TENS Machine For Physiotherapy
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PHYSIOTREX TENS Machine For Physiotherapy 4 Channel

3,200.00 {Price_Including_GST}
Ultrasound Machine with TENS
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PHYSIOTREX Ultrasound Machine with TENS Therapy Equipment

4,700.00 {Price_Including_GST}
Advanced Ultrasound Physiotherapy
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PHYSIOTREX® Advanced Ultrasound Physiotherapy Machine for Targeted Healing

3,200.00 {Price_Including_GST}
Quadriceps Exercise Table
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PHYSIOTREX® Physiotherapy Equipment Quadriceps Exercise Table – Chair For Knee Joints Muscles Group Exercise Machines

9,500.00 {Price_Including_GST}